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Shawn Gets Collared

33900 words

Style: Male Dom - M/F, Submission Training of Female

Shawn has very little past and not much of a future. Orphaned while young, now booted out on her own, she makes a tenuous living as a 'picker', hurrying up and down the narrow aisles of a distribution center picking items out of boxes to be shipped to customers. Then she runs into Richard Thorne, who owns the company who owns her company, and he sees in her something he wants. Young, beautiful and jaded by life, she lets him take he on a trip to the wild and kinky side. It's the most exciting night of her life. After that thrill-ride is over he presents her with an option; go back to work as a picker, or put on a bondage collar and come and live with him as his slave girl. There she must obey his every order and let him completely control her body and life. She will live in a fabulous mansion, have intense and thrilling sexual experiences, and suffer whatever punishments he deems proper for disobedience.

Price:  $5.95

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Great story as always from one of the best authors of this genre that I have found.

5/5- Hardman



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