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On The Island Of Savages!

34700 words

Style: Male Dom - M/F

Sloan is the trophy daughter of a wealthy couple who have programmed her life since birth. Until starting college last year she'd never done anything without supervision. She meets Troy Savage on her holidays, a wealthy, self-made man who lives on his own island, she senses in him a predator without remorse, and one who thinks she is prey! Fascinated by him, she decides to see what sex would be like with such a man, only mistakenly gives herself to his twin brother! On the island, she finds herself breathlessly at the mercy of the two men, who rouse her body to astonishing heights of pleasure by outraging and exciting her imagination and darkest sexual fantasies.

The Savages draw her into a dark game of bondage, submission and domination she finds appalling, yet thrilling. Throwing off all the inhibitions she's been taught in her life, she finds herself wallowing in the role of obedient sexual slave girl. And when her lovely friend Andrea becomes similarly fascinated, the Savages teach the girls the joys of feminine love, as well as how to please men. Soon, more Savages show up to enjoy their beautiful young bodies and teach them to obey and submit! Sloan's summer vacation is proving to be far more of a learning experience than her time at college!

Price:  $5.99

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