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The Trophy Wife

34500 words

Style: Male Dom - M/F, Interracial Bondage/BDSM

Amanda Carruthers lives on a beautiful southern plantation, locked into a loveless marriage with a wealthy older man. But she has a plan. If she has an affair with a black workman whose name is Pecker, her very racist husband will not dare use that as an excuse to divorce her for fear of being a laughing stock. He will have to divorce her without cause, which will see her getting hundreds of millions! But Pecker's idea of sex is rough and intense, and the sheltered southern blonde is overwhelmed by the intensity of the rush and heat it gives her! Pecker turns the tables and wants her to experience what Blacks did on her plantation centuries earlier! He and his friends 'train' her as their slave girl! Outraged but darkly thrilled, Amanda falls deeper and deeper under his spell, and the delicious 'game' of submission and dominance. But then her husband takes a hand...

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The ultimate revenge on a racist and arrogant woman. She emerged to be dominated and humiliated from on all sides. Just great!

5/5- Ruthy

she may be a trophy wife but a lot of black men are using her to satisfy them. The owner of the wife really changed his treatment of her,really tough but what she likes4620


This book is absolutely excellent. After the initial surprise finding that is set in modern day Southern states, and not the antibellum period, it gets going in the typically well written Argus style. Lots of rough black on white sex and just enough corporal punishment to make it interesting. I particularly liked the scene in the stables and would have liked to see a return scene there with more participants. The black lesbian dominatrix is not my taste but it will appeal to some.

5/5- Sooty



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