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The Parson's Wife

35000 words

Style: Male Dom - M/F, Interracial Bondage/BDSM

Emily was bored. She'd thought Zachary was everything she wanted. He was a calm, polite, and righteous man who was a parson in a southern Alabama church. Unlike other young men he hadn't made any effort to paw her or act like some kind of lecherous beast, so she felt respected by him. But after they married she started to feel... neglected. He showed little interest in his husbandly duties, or in her body.

Then out of nowhere, Caleb, the enormous Black man Zachary hired to chop wood, seduced her into an intoxicating rush of thrilling sexual passion and heat! Caleb is nothing like Zachary! In looks or behavior. He expected her to obey, to serve his needs, and those of his friends, and doesn't hesitate to punish her if she fails! He ties her up and does shocking, wicked, depraved things to her while making her call him 'Master'!

Emily is filled with shame and guilt, but addicted to the wild rush of heat and animal pleasure, she is unable to refuse him anything! But what will happen if Zachary finds out!? Or the town!?

Price:  $5.95

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Absolutely one of Argus best! C9, was a bit disappointing, my wanting the story entirely mixed. Still, I can't praise the story enough.

5/5- dinbm



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