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Amanda's New Job

34700 words

Style: Male Dom - M/F, Erotic Domination - M/F

Right out of university, bookish young Amanda gets an incredible job offer: a six figure salary along with the use of a car and a downtown condo! All to be the personal assistant of the steely eyed, aggressive workaholic Michael Harris.

The absurdly rich and arrogant Harris never smiles, never calls her by her first name, and accepts nothing but instant obedience to all of his orders. Her suspicions about why she was hired are soon born out by actions beyond her wildest imagination! For Harris wants very personal services indeed, and just as in all her other assignments, instant obedience is required, and instant punishment meted out for failure!

Amid the emotional turmoil of it all, Amanda is introduced to a new world of wealth and power in the corridors of high finance, along with the shocking dark thrill of sexual submission, service and exhibitionism as a virtual sex slave to her stern boss!

Price:  $6.95

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Argus has another excellent story for all who love to read about young beautiful women who need to be taught to submit to their Masters. Amanda is bright and beautiful. She receives her education in sexual submission from her new employer who does more than just show her the "ropes". Hopefully the next installment, "Amanda's Submission" will soon be here to be read.

5/5- fhallowner

I could not put the book down untill had read it all now to get the book

5/5- saffler



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