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The Wrong Side Of The Tracks

35000 words

Style: Male Dom - M/F

Beautiful Zoe lives in Las Vegas; not the Vegas of glittering bright lights, casinos and hotels, but the Vegas of dusty, dirty trailer parks and dingy apartment blocks frying under the hot sun. With no money or job she never gets near the strip. Sullen, cynical and jaded at nineteen, with little ambition and few illusions, she meets a man one night when skinny-dipping in the dark pool of a cheap motel. She doesn't know who he is or what his name is, but he's big, he's mean, he's rough, and he drags her out of the pool, ties her up, and then gives her the most shockingly pleasurable sex of her life. The next morning he asks her is she has anywhere to go. When she says no he ties her up, tosses her into the back of his car and leaves town. She she soon finds herself in a big, beautiful home in the desert, wearing nothing but collar and shackles with a nameless man she can refer to only as 'Master'.

The man is a criminal, she is sure but she doesn't care what he does or how kinky he is as long as he gives her the kind of dark, wild passion and heat she's only ever imagined. He takes her to Los Angeles, to a home by the ocean, where she's introduced to a woman who calls herself 'Mistress' and Zoe starts learning the need for absolute obedience and submission to them, and to their friends. It's scary, it's shocking, it's humiliating, at times, but it's also a scalding thrill ride like none she's ever known.

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